Choosing the Right SVN Software and Tools

Claudia Fernandes
Claudia Fernandes
Last updated on March 14, 2024

SVN users often have specific needs and requirements that can be fulfilled by additional software tools. This SVN software can improve collaboration, streamline workflows or provide secure source code hosting.

What Software Should You Use with Subversion?

To optimize your SVN workflow, it’s crucial to select the right client to complement and enhance SVN’s capabilities. There are several options in this category, but TortoiseSVN remains the most popular desktop client.


TortoiseSVN is an SVN client for Windows that provides a user-friendly interface and integrates seamlessly with the Windows shell.

  • Easy version control: TortoiseSVN simplifies version control tasks by providing intuitive options through context menus and overlays directly in Windows Explorer. Users can perform SVN operations like commit, update, and merge with a few clicks.
  • Visual representation: The revision graph feature in TortoiseSVN visually represents the relationships between revisions, branches, and tags, making it easier to understand the project’s history and navigate through different versions.
  • Efficient collaboration: TortoiseSVN allows users to easily share their work and collaborate with team members using SVN repositories. Collaboration features include conflict resolution, blame annotation, and log messages.

SVN Cloud Software


Assembla is a comprehensive Subversion cloud hosting and project management platform.

  • Easy deployment: Assembla’s SVN platform simplifies the installation and setup process, allowing users to deploy a fully functional SVN server quickly. The aim is to save the time and effort required for manual configuration.
  • Project management integration: Assembla integrates project management tools with SVN repositories, allowing users to plan, track progress, and collaborate on SVN projects within a single platform. It provides features like task management, team collaboration, and agile project management.
  • Advanced collaboration: Assembla enables seamless collaboration among team members, facilitating efficient code review, discussion threads, and real-time updates on project activities. It enhances teamwork and productivity for SVN in software engineering.
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Bitnami offers an SVN stack, which is a pre-configured software bundle that includes SVN, Apache, and other necessary components.

  • Quick deployment: Like Assembla, Bitnami’s SVN allows users to deploy a functional SVN environment quickly.
  • Optimized performance: The Bitnami stack is “optimized for performance”, and designed to ensure that SVN repositories operate efficiently and deliver quick version control operations. It provides a reliable and responsive environment for SVN users.

Helix TeamHub

Helix TeamHub is a collaboration platform that supports multiple version control systems, including SVN.

  • Unified repository management: Helix TeamHub has a single interface to manage SVN repositories and other version control systems. This centralized repository management enables collaboration among distributed teams.
  • Code reviews: Helix TeamHub streamlines the code review process, allowing users to review and provide feedback on code changes.
  • Issue tracking integration: Helix TeamHub integrates issue tracking with SVN repositories, enabling users to link code changes to specific issues or tickets. This integration advances traceability and facilitates bug tracking and resolution.

SVN Hosting

Assembla Cloud

  • Secure SVN server hosting: Assembla offers reliable and secure SVN repository hosting. It ensures that your SVN repositories are accessible, backed up, and protected against data loss or unauthorized access.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a web hosting provider that has SVN hosting services catering specifically to SVN users.

  • SVN hosting: A2 Hosting ensures reliable and secure hosting for SVN repositories. Their infrastructure and server configurations are optimized for SVN, to ensure high availability and optimal performance.
  • SVN administration: A2 Hosting includes an interface to set up and manage SVN repositories. Their hosting plans include SVN integration and support.
  • Technical support: A2 Hosting offers technical support in SVN hosting. To ensure smooth operations, they assist users with SVN-related issues.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a hosting provider that offers SVN hosting services, focusing on providing a reliable and secure environment for SVN repositories.

  • Secure and high-performance hosting: Liquid Web ensures the security and performance of SVN repositories through various infrastructure and server configurations. Their hosting environment is designed to deliver optimal SVN operations and protect the repositories from unauthorized access or data loss.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Liquid Web has flexible hosting plans that allow SVN users to scale their repositories according to their needs.
  • 24/7 support: Liquid Web provides 24/7 technical support to assist SVN users with hosting or SVN-related issues.

SVN Project Management

Project management tools play a crucial role in supporting the version control process for SVN users. They give users a comprehensive platform to manage and coordinate software development projects while seamlessly integrating with SVN repositories. Here are some ways project management tools can benefit SVN users:

  • Centralized collaboration: SVN users can track and assign tasks, discuss project details, and share important files within the project management tool, ensuring smooth collaboration among team members.
  • Streamlined workflow: They provide task tracking and issue management capabilities, allowing teams to organize and prioritize work items effectively. SVN users can associate tasks and issues with specific SVN commits, ensuring traceability and visibility across the development lifecycle.
  • Integrated version control: This integration allows users to access SVN features directly from the project management tool interface, such as viewing commit history, comparing file versions, and reviewing changes. It eliminates the need to switch between different tools, enhancing productivity and convenience.
  • Agile project management: For teams following agile methodologies, project management tools provide agile-specific features like sprint planning, user story management, and burndown charts. These tools facilitate agile project management practices and enable teams to align their SVN version control with agile workflows, ensuring smooth collaboration and efficient software delivery.

Using Safe SVN Software

While using open-source software tools can be advantageous, ensuring that the software is safe and reliable is important. Always download software from trusted sources and verify the authenticity of the software before installing it. Check for community support, active development, and regular updates to ensure that the software meets security standards and remains compatible with your SVN security setup.

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