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SecureGit – The easy-to-use solution that protects your data and allows for faster deployment. Get started in less than a minute, on-prem or in the cloud.

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Code Review and Collaboration

Work together with Git merge requests

Plan and work on sprints, propose new features, and discuss implementation details before changing your master source code.




On Assembla, conversations happen alongside your code. Leave detailed comments on
code syntax. Ask questions about structure inline with your team without opening Slack or email.

Integrated Issue Tracking

Report bugs, create tasks and manage sprints with built-in project management
tools. Developers can update tickets directly from code commits while PMs and scrum masters track
and manage projects.

Learn more about Project Management

project management


Request reviews

Requesting peer reviews is easy. Add users to your merge request to send a
notification letting them know you need their feedback.

Static Analysis

Automated code scanning to prevent vulnerabilities before they’re deployed

Static Analysis

75% of breaches reported in 2017 were caused by developers inserting secret keys and
passwords directly into source code. Assembla automatically finds secret keys and passwords left in your
code, and notifies you and your team BEFORE they’re deployed.

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Security Made Easy

Take the burden out of securing your source code and maintaining security requirements. Assembla supports your critical policies without compromising your development process.

mobile auth
ico shield tag

User controls and policy enforcement

Control and audit who accesses and updates your source code with protected branches and user reports.

ico lock

Multiple authentication methods

Enforce access controls with two-factor authentication and SAML single sign-on.

Easy Administration

Setting up Assembla and onboarding your team is fast and easy with the Assembla WebApp

setup repo

Setup your repos

One-click repo setup gets you and your team coding in minutes, not hours.

Invite your team

Send invitations and onboard your team with simple email invitations.


protected folders

Control and track access

Get granular with your repo permissions (if you want!) and track who is accessing what code, when.

Integrate and Deploy

Built in integrations with Slack, Jenkins and Zapier work right out of the box. And Assembla APIs let you integrate with any tool.


Multiple Cloud Hosting Options

Host Assembla on the Assembla Cloud, or on your AWS, Azure, GCP or bare metal servers.

ico cloud


Fully managed by Assembla on our global cloud infrastructure. Support and DevOps included with every plan.

ico home

On your servers

For teams with specific security and regulatory requirements that must have their code hosted on premises.

14 day free trial. No credit card needed.

30 day free trial. No credit card needed.