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We're the only solution in the market that allows customers to bring Perforce, Subversion, and Git repositories into the cloud - all under one platform.
Source Code Hosting in the Cloud

Cloud-Based Source Code Hosting

We're the leading provider of cloud-based Subversion and the premier provider of cloud Perforce Helix Core globally. Our source code repository toolset includes advanced security features that you won't find elsewhere.
Source Code Security

Protect Your Source Code Security

Every file that we host is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption and housed in geographically dispersed areas with additional redundant facilities maintained by AWS.

Perforce Cloud

Developers working with large file sizes can significantly benefit from using Perforce Helix Core in the cloud since cloud-based Perforce is often faster and more responsive than on-prem. And instead of monitoring AWS, Azure, GCP, or other accounts, developers can take advantage of our 24/7/365 monitoring, backups, and security — all supported by our experienced DevOps team.

Git Cloud

One-click Git repos setup gets you and your team coding in minutes, not hours. Fully managed by Assembla on our global cloud infrastructure.

Subversion Cloud

We're the leading cloud provider for Subversion, with more repositories and on-staff SVN expertise than other platforms. Our suite of SVN apps includes desktop, web apps, and mobile, with a 99.99% uptime. Your compliance reporting is also covered with built-in user audit logs to offer comprehensive tracking.


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Why Choose Assembla?

Developers who work with large binary files can benefit from our cloud-based source code repository hosting for Subversion and Perforce. With a highly experienced DevOps team and 24/7 DevOps support, we ensure smooth platform operation and timely issue resolution.

Source Code Hosting for Your Industry


Visual effects specialists and animation artists are turning to version control systems like Perforce to improve collaboration. Our fast and secure cloud-based source code hosting platform enables virtual production teams to collaborate seamlessly even with large file sizes.


Software dev teams in the Industrial sector rely on source code systems like Helix Core. As the only cloud provider for Perforce Helix Core, we're well-equipped to help migrate their codebase to the cloud.

Test Out your Repos in the Cloud for Free

Assembla for Source Code Hosting
Get unlimited repositories hosted on data centers in the U.S. or E.U. with Assembla Cloud or Perforce Cloud. Simply start a free 14-day trial. Additionally, you may request a quote from an Assembla expert on our Enterprise plans, for a more secure source code management solution
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