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Your SVN and Git repos need Enterprise-grade SCH and SCM solutions. Our Assembla Enterprise offers the best of Assembla Cloud on a dedicated, high-performance cloud setup. All managed by our DevOps Engineers.

Our Fastest, Most Secure Hosting


The Assembla Enterprise plan provides users with their own dedicated and fully customizable network of cloud-based servers for hosting.


All necessary infrastructure and management are handled by our DevOps engineers so software developers can do what they do best.


Get access to personalized roadmap sessions, a dedicated Customer Success Rep, annual AWS environment reviews and an array of support channels.


Assembla Enterprise offers custom global data centers which allows users to set up regional servers and increase the productivity of remote teams.


We work with your team to create the cloud hosting package that suits you: unlimited servers and flexible storage.


Assembla Enterprise offers automated backups, Cold Storage, SSO, warm standby servers, server snapshots and the option for premium or platinum support.

Version Control Systems

SVN solutions from Assembla
The leading solution for SVN security, compliance, and performance.
Git solutions from Assembla
The preferred Git solution for security and compliance-focused teams.
Assembla Enterprise deployed globally

Global Deployment

We design, migrate and implement your Cloud solution so that your team can easily collaborate from various locations in different countries. Never worry about interruptions due to an on-prem server crashing or reduced productivity due to server latency.
Advanced user control with Assembla Enterprise

User Controls

Advanced user controls and authentication measures are a simple and quick process with Assembla. Project managers can easily oversee edits and revisions and allow flexible permissions for various groups within your company, giving them the correct access and permissions.
Assembla Enterprise offers audit reports

Audit Reports

Our user activity audit reports provide detailed information on repository access and changes, giving project managers with valuable insights. Easily filter and download reports in XML, CSV, or PDF format to monitor user activity effectively.
Assembla Enterprise improves workflow

Improved Workflow

Our purpose-built infrastructure maximizes the efficiency of your development and testing framework by allowing users to quickly and efficiently search code, merge code segments, lock files, and scan for vulnerabilities.

World-Class Support

Transitioning to our cloud-based platform eliminates concerns about hardware updates or internal DevOps teams. Our expert DevOps team ensures that your hardware and software are up-to-date, fully patched, and optimized. Your developers can work at maximum efficiency and feel confident in their security updates. Assembla provides various support options for our cloud enterprise clients, including standard and premium packages.
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Enterprise Cloud Storage Solutions

Subversion or Git Version Control

Version control with the Assembla Enterprise plan makes project management and collaboration within software development teams easier by storing versions in an organized manner. Additionally, SVN's shelving feature allows users to temporarily shelve their in-process changes and continue working on the stable version.

Source Code Integrity

Source code management allows your team of developers to easily keep track of all the files in your code repository. Users can search for code segments, revert to previous code iterations, and request to merge their code. Multiple developers can work within a project simultaneously without having to worry about their changes being overridden.

How Enterprise Cloud Security Helps

Our DevOps engineers implement and manage a dedicated cloud infrastructure that stands out as the most secure Enterprise solution in the market. Our hosting solutions are flexible and scalable, catering to the needs of both small startups and large enterprises.

Try Assembla Enterprise Free

Start a free trial today and see how your company can reap the benefits of our Enterprise cloud solutions. Our Subversion and Git hosting plans improve the DevOps processes of software development companies around the world and provide a significant return on investment. Security engineering is not what coders specialize in, so let Assembla carry the weight of code management and hosting while you focus on your code.
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Select AWS Region

Pick the region closest to your team for faster performance.