Cloud-Native SCM Platform for Every Industry

Software development teams across many industries swear by the speed and security of our Source Code Management Platform.

Game Development

Game development teams need a reliable Source Code Management Platform that can handle large files and facilitate collaboration and code revision.

We offer cloud-based Perforce/SVN with the option for dedicated cloud instances and full management from our DevOps Engineers. Now, developers can simply focus on creating great games.

Source Code Management for Game Developers

Film and Animation

With consistent versioning and optimal performance even with large file sizes, our native cloud solution for Perforce and Subversion ensures smooth collaboration between film artists and editors spread across the globe.

Perforce and SVN in the Entertainment Industry


The semiconductor industry has traditionally relied on Subversion for their VCS, but there is now a growing transition towards Perforce. As the only SVN/Perforce cloud hosting solution, we stand as the leading choice for semiconductor software development for remote teams.

Perforce and SVN for the Semiconductor Industry


Medical software engineers need continuous scans of their code for weaknesses, along with Source Code Management. We help developers meet the security standards and requirements unique to the healthcaresector with our private cloud and Source Code Management solutions.

Auditable Subversion repositories, vulnerability detection, and data redundancy with on-site and off-site backup are some of the security features available for secure and reliable medical software development in the cloud.

Technology & Software

Our Source Code Management Platform fully supports Perforce or Subversion in the cloud, a seamless connection to Travis CI's CI/CD tool and includes a project management tool to facilitate ticketing and communication.

This enables enterprises, both small and large, to equip their distributed development teams with the necessary tools to plan, develop, and collaborate on large projects effectively.

Defense Contractors

When dealing with highly sensitive military intelligence, defense contractors require a secure hosting platform. Our Cloud Enterprise and Perforce Enterprise Plans offer AWS GovCloud hosting, a highly-secure cloud hosting solution.

Along with our dedicated private servers with granular user permissions and access records, our Enterprise Plans are designed to be the optimal environments for defense contractors to work with governments and external agencies.

Financial Institutions

When it comes to capital, cybersecurity is always a concern. That's why banks, investment firms, and insurance companies must prioritize information security. Our Perforce Enterprise and Subversion Enterprise plans offer on-prem servers to ensure maximum data security.

Financial institutions can utilize our AlphaScan™ Static Code Analysis tools to find any vulnerabilities before deploying and take advantage of advanced user permission controls and two-factor user authentication.


When behind the wheel, we rely on the software installed in our cars to navigate safely. With our managed cloud hosting solutions, automotive technology engineers can use SCM tools seamlessly without any disruptions, and modify and review code from any location.

Why Use SCM Tools and Cloud Hosting?


Version management allows users to control their source code without sacrificing previous versions of their project.


Managed cloud hosting gives teams space to store several iterations of code and to work on a project simultaneously without overriding someone's work.


Cloud-based code repositories save space, prevent server slowdowns, and enable remote collaboration.

Host and Manage your Source Code in the Cloud

Interested in our enterprise cloud hosting or plans for managed cloud hosting solutions? With SCM tools for every industry, we know you’ll find what you’re looking for with Assembla. Find out why cloud-based code repository tools are the future. Take a look at our plans and start your free trial today!
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