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We provide the most experienced staff, fastest response times, and most user-friendly experience of any SVN platform. Our security measures, performance, and comprehensive ecosystem provide software developers with an even better experience than on-prem SVN.
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SVN Ecosystem

Our SVN apps for desktop, web, and mobile allow you to work with your code, and our tools, from anywhere. All powered by the Cloud.
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Secure & Compliant

Our suite of essential security features helps ensure that your data is private, secure and unalterable. We are fully certified with Privacy Shield and SOC 2 Type 2.
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Fast & Reliable

With a 99.99% uptime and SSH acceleration, you’ll find that Assembla’s SVN cloud services are often faster than an on-prem solution.

Legacy VCS. Cutting-Edge Platform.

We continuously update and improve our Enterprise Subversion cloud software to ensure clients have access to a cutting-edge source code development platform.
Assembla Enterprise SVN in the Cloud

User Activity Audits

Check your compliance reporting with our intuitive user audit logs, and easily export the document.

Protected Folders

Implement granular folder access to all SVN repos to manage commits at the user level.

Code Blame

Easily use SVN’s highly detailed and specific code blame tool to identify the root cause of defects.

Cloud Integrations

CI/CD and collaboration with services like Travis CI, JIRA, Slack, Trello, Jenkins, Amazon, Azure and more.


Quickly jump between your work in progress and the working tree, when there's a bug to fix, for example.


Enable developers to restore their code back to an earlier version when they encounter an issue.

SSH Acceleration

Experience lightning fast SVN cloud hosting, even for large binary files, with SSH Acceleration.

Unalterable History

Version mission critical code  securely knowing it cannot be altered.

Our Exclusive SVN Tools

SVN Merge/Pull Request

Submit merge/pull requests to collaborate with up or down-voting, commenting, and approvals for seamless teamwork.

Code Search

Perform real-time searches through your SVN repos and quickly find files, merge/pull requests, commits, or code snippets.

Web App Code Creation & Editing

Only users of the Assembla web app can create, edit, and commit their SVN code using the cloud.

Web App Locking

We are the only SVN provider that enables you to perform the full set of locking operations within a web app.

Why Host SVN with Assembla?

Our user-friendly interface and project and code management features help distributed development teams increase productivity and efficiency. And with Assembla's SSH acceleration, Subversion runs faster in the cloud than on-premises installations, making it the superior option for Subversion users.
We offer one of the most cost-effective Subversion cloud hosting solutions, starting at $19 a month per user with unlimited repos, multiple integrations, DevOps support, 5 GB of storage and support for Git VCS free or charge. Our Enterprise Plans offer elite performance in our most secure cloud environment.
Our clients choose Subversion Enterprise because our dedicated cloud instance offers best-in-class security and performance. Enterprise also comes with automated backups, an S3 bucket for backups, and the option to upgrade to premium or platinum support.

World-Class Support

Transitioning to our cloud-based platform eliminates concerns about hardware updates or internal DevOps teams. Our expert DevOps team ensures that your hardware and software are up-to-date, fully patched, and optimized. Your developers can work at maximum efficiency and feel confident in their security updates. Assembla provides various support options for our cloud enterprise clients, including standard and premium packages.
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Subversion for Multiple Industries

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Financial Services

Our project management tool is popular among financial services firms for its user-friendly interface, improved communication, collaboration, and strong security provided by a dedicated cloud instance through an Enterprise plan.


Our clients in the semiconductor industry enjoy our SVN cloud service for its high speed and responsiveness. Since semiconductor manufacturers work with large file sizes, they require a platform that is both responsive and has high storage capacity. We deliver both.

Subversion Cloud Integrations

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Assembla’s SVN Cloud Clients

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