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Quick deploy a cloud-based SVN repository with industry-leading version control features.
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The World’s Leading SVN Provider

Assembla provides best-in-class SVN hosting in the cloud, with a focus on performance, compliance and security.
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Security & Compliance

SVN is the Enterprise choice for storing mission critical code. Your security and compliance requirements are covered with built-in user audit logs and granular user permissions.
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Improved Large File & Repo Performance

Distributed teams need faster file transfers. Experience a significant boost in committing and retrieving large files of any type with our cloud infrastructure's integrated SSH acceleration and multiregion setup.
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Performance & Reliability

Access the world’s fastest SVN with Assembla’s SSH acceleration, purpose-built infrastructure, and up to 99.99% uptime. Move off your old on-prem SVN and into the Cloud.
"As our enterprise SCM needs have evolved, our Assembla solution has grown to meet them. When we needed to tighten our security measures, Assembla worked with us to deliver a custom private cloud solution. Leveraging Assembla as a partner to manage that solution has saved us time and administrative headaches."
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Senior Director Marvell / Cavium Networks

Exclusive Apache® Subversion® Features

We’ve built the best cloud platform for centralized management of your SVN repositories, with industry-leading features.

The Assembla Platform

SVN on Assembla is natively integrated with the Assembla SCM platform. Centralize Project Management, Source Code Security, CI/CD via Travis CI, along with your Git repositories.

SVN Merge/Pull Requests

Assembla is the only SVN provider supporting modern engineering workflows that utilize Merge/Pull requests. Teams can submit Merge/Pull requests and collaborate with up/down voting, commenting and approvals.

Code Search

Assembla is the only SVN provider that delivers real-time code search. Teams can perform keyword searches across single or multiple repos to find specific code snippets, files, commits and merge/pull requests, instantly.

Code Creation and Editing

Assembla is the only SVN provider with code creation and editing in a WebApp. Teams can create new code, edit existing code and commit the code without leaving their web browser.

SVN Locking

Assembla is the only SVN provider with file locking in a WebApp. Users can perform the complete set of SVN locking operations against any files in their repos, including lock, unlock, steal and break.

Code Blame

Identify defect root cause with detailed code blame. The Assembla WebApp supports the full suite of SVN blame commands and enhances them with a clean and easy to read user interface.

User Activity Audits

Meet your compliance reporting requirements with full user and repo level activity reports. See every change made to your SVN repos, who made the change and when in an exportable and easy to read report.
SVN Protected Folders on Assembla

Protected Folders

Implement granular folder access to all your repos to manage commit access at the user level. Select who has access to make commits in each repo folder you chose. Compliance and security has never been easier.


Temporarily “shelve" (set aside) in-process changes and revert back to the working tree—to quickly fix a bug on production, for example. Once done, you can simply retrieve your shelved changes and continue where you left off.
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Not every change you make will be ready to contribute back to the central repository. When working on a collection of local changes, save checkpoints of your work and restore the working copy to one of your previous checkpoints should things go awry.

SVN Pricing

Our SVN Hosting Plans

Compare our on-demand vs our custom SVN hosting plans below.
On-demand Subversion Hosting
Per User/Month
  • On-Demand Multi-Tenant AWS Hosting
  • Up to 100 Users
  • 500GB of Storage
  • US & EU Data Centers Available
  • Up to 24x5 Technical Support Available
Custom, faster and even more secure
Per User/Month | 12-Month Term
  • Managed Single-Tenant AWS Hosting
  • No User Limits
  • No Storage Limits
  • Customizable, Globally Distributed AWS Server Setups
  • Up to 24x7 Technical Support Available
  • Infrastructure Administration by Assembla DevOps Engineers
  • Custom Backup Schedules and Snapshots
  • SSO through Okta, Azure and others

Subversion Cloud Integrations

Integrate with a full suite of cloud applications for CI/CD, hosting and collaboration. Our native integrations and webhooks allow your team to use services like JIRA, Slack, Trello, Jenkins, Travis CI, and many more.
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Custom Configs and Setups
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Select AWS Region

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