Last week’s release of our newly built Assembla + TestRail integration makes life easier than ever before for our users, allowing them to seek out their Test Runs by ID or date without ever leaving the Assembla interface. TestRail marks the seventh software integration available to our users to date, and each of the other six integrations offer something valuable to our users.

  • Trello: Attach merge requests and commits to Trello cards with links back to the Assembla webapp as well as other data about the merge request or commit.
  • Slack: Update Slack channels with code repo activity including commits and merge requests. Send ticket updates and reminders to Slack channels and users.
  • Jira: Relate commits and merge requests with Jira issues. Get notifications from repository actions in your issues activity stream.
  • Zapier: Automate tasks within your Assembla workflow by using Zapier. Trigger events like ticket changes, Git commits, merge requests to talk to the thousands of apps on the Zapier platform.
  • GitHub: Easily add your GitHub repository to your space and relate pull requests with tickets automatically.
  • Jenkins CI: Reads Assembla merge requests, builds and tests the modified software, and writes results to Assembla with an upvote or downvote on the merge requests, a comment on related tickets, or custom messages.

Follow our handy guide on how to implement them, and make your Assembla experience the best that it can be today!