New: The Assembla Platform is Now Available for Perforce Single-Tenant Setups

Claudia Fernandes
Claudia Fernandes
Last updated on March 1, 2024

The Assembla Platform is now fully compatible with our managed Perforce Single-Tenant Cloud offering: Perforce Enterprise.

You can now utilize all the benefits of the Assembla Platform on a fully managed, Single-Tenant instance that can be located wherever you want:

  • Simplified UI for branch merging and user management in Helix Core, partially replacing P4V and P4Admin.
  • A robust project management tool that fully integrates with code commits. Plan and deliver multiple projects using Scrum, Gantt, Kanban, Waterfall and SAFe methodologies. 
  • A user-friendly interface for conducting code reviews, including inline comments alongside code and @mentions.
  • Assembla’s Wiki tool to document projects and share knowledge, improving collaboration and enhancing the overall development process.
  • Ability to host and manage your Git and Subversion repositories alongside your Perforce repositories in one GUI.

How to get access to the Assembla platform

If you’re a current subscriber of Perforce Enterprise (or Perforce Single-Tenant)

The platform is exclusively available to subscribers of our 2024 Bronze, Silver, and Gold Enterprise plans. If you’re currently enrolled in one of our Perforce Enterprise plans, simply reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager, Matt Dennis, to seamlessly upgrade your plan and gain access to the latest features and capabilities.

If you’re a subscriber of Perforce Cloud (or Perforce Multi-Tenant)

If you’re considering upgrading from Multi-Tenant to Single-Tenant, reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager, Paulo Silva. We’ll help you customize your Single Tenant environment to suit your needs and migrate your data seamlessly.

Why upgrade to Perforce Single Tenant?

  • Single-Tenant Setups allows for faster development cycles: Do your distributed development teams struggle with slow data transfers? Our Perforce Enterprise plan, hosted on Single-Tenant cloud environments, is the solution. Tailored for distributed teams, our DevOps experts can strategically deploy multi-region servers to enhance the speed of committing and retrieving data to and from the central branch. 
  • Top-Level Security: Is data security your top priority? While our multi-tenant environments have a flawless security track record, our Single-Tenant configurations can meet your specific requirements more closely:
    • Custom user authentication methods
    • GovCloud availability
    • High-Availability Standby Server and Cold Storage
    • Cloud-hosted Proxy/Replica in a Different Geographic Region
    • Custom backups and snapshots
  • Among many other features unique to our single-tenant environments
    • Unlimited storage
    • Unlimited users
    • A customizable, single-tenant cloud environment
    • Multiple stream depots
    • Perforce Parallel Sync
    • Enhanced data security measures
    • Custom global infrastructure for global teams
    • Use of Helix Swarm and Perforce DAM
    • Among other tailored features

“It was a big deal that Assembla facilitated the migration. Assembla took our repos that were hosted in Perforce Cloud and moved them straight over to our dedicated instance. It was seamless.”

Saham Ali, Executive Vice President of Technology, Falcon’s Beyond

More about the Assembla Platform (Videos)

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Claudia Fernandes
Claudia Fernandes
Claudia, Assembla's Content Marketing Manager, brings over 7 years of experience in crafting content for global SaaS companies. She is enthusiastic about DevOps, cloud computing and the intricacies of the software delivery pipelines. She loves to learn from the experts at Assembla and guide readers through the ever-evolving SDLC landscape.
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