Why Choose Perforce Cloud for Enterprise Software Development?

Matt Dennis
Matt Dennis
Last updated on November 9, 2023

When it comes to enterprise-level software development, reliability, scalability, and security are paramount. Assembla’s Enterprise Perforce Cloud hosting provides the perfect solution for businesses seeking a robust and efficient development environment. 

The Benefits of Enterprise Perforce Cloud Hosting with Assembla

Cost Savings

In uncertain economic times, it can be difficult to justify new investments – unless they result in cost savings. Assembla’s Perforce Cloud hosting offers significant cost savings compared to traditional on-premises solutions. With no need to invest in expensive hardware, maintenance, or IT infrastructure, enterprises can allocate their resources more efficiently and focus on core development activities. 

Additionally, the reduction in hardware and maintenance needs means that enterprises can eliminate the costs associated with dedicated IT personnel managing the infrastructure of the source code repositories. Our team of experts takes care of all server management, updates, and maintenance tasks, freeing up your valuable IT resources to concentrate on building and deploying your core product.

“We considered hosting ourselves, both in cloud (AWS) and locally. As a small team, we didn’t want the burden of having to maintain such a critical service. Production-level reliability/redundancy, monitoring, logging etc are all difficult and time-consuming, and we didn’t want to take time away from developers to look after Perforce. We’re saving easily £30k/year with Assembla, compared to bringing our own licenses and paying for most of an engineer’s time” — Ben Hymers, Technical Director and Co-Founder Two Point Studios

Global Deployment

A remote or hybrid workforce and distributed external partners – this is the post-covid reality for many enterprises. In order to thrive in this environment, we know that companies require a resilient infrastructure that can deliver consistent levels of performance for everyone involved, anywhere in the world.

With data centers strategically located around the world, Assembla’s Perforce Cloud hosting brings the advantage of global deployment, enabling teams to collaborate seamlessly across geographic boundaries. This facilitates faster collaboration, reduces latency, and ensures that development processes continue uninterrupted, regardless of location.

Teams can access Perforce Cloud from anywhere with an internet connection, enabling them to work remotely or collaborate with external partners effortlessly. Whether it’s developers, testers, or project managers, the ability to work from different locations empowers teams to work flexibly, accommodating diverse time zones and project requirements.

Exceptional Performance

Perforce Cloud Enterprise is optimized to deliver exceptional performance even for the most demanding development environments. With high-speed data access, seamless integrations, and reliable infrastructure, teams can collaborate efficiently without performance bottlenecks. The platform’s ability to handle concurrent users, large codebases, and extensive data ensures that enterprises can maintain productivity and meet their project deadlines consistently.

This level of performance allows teams to focus on their core development tasks without wasting time waiting for the system to catch up, resulting in accelerated development cycles and faster time-to-market for projects.

Customizable Architecture and Environment

Every enterprise has unique workflows, processes, and development requirements. Perforce Cloud Enterprise offers a highly customizable environment, enabling enterprises to tailor the platform to their specific needs. From configuring access controls to defining workflow rules, enterprises can adapt the platform to align with their existing processes seamlessly. ​​The platform’s extensive customization options allow teams to define permissions, branching strategies, and code review processes, making it an ideal solution for complex development projects with intricate workflows.

Limitless Scalability

Overprovisioning infrastructure is seen by many companies as a necessary evil despite its significant hidden costs. What Enterprise software development demands is a flexible and scalable infrastructure that can adapt to changing business needs effortlessly. Assembla’s Perforce Cloud hosting offers limitless scalability, allowing enterprises to expand (or decrease) their development environment as their projects evolve. Whether it’s a small team working on a single application or a large-scale enterprise managing multiple projects, our platform can accommodate varying workloads with ease.

With Perforce Cloud hosting, enterprises can scale their resources up or down based on demand, ensuring that they always have the right level of performance and capacity to meet project requirements. This scalability eliminates the need for overprovisioning, providing a cost-effective solution that aligns with actual development needs. Additionally, Perforce Cloud is a SaaS offering with a fixed cost-per-user, providing enterprises with predictable cloud costs on an annual or monthly basis.

Unlimited Users

In the enterprise landscape, collaboration is essential, and Perforce Cloud Enterprise recognizes this by offering unlimited users. This fosters broader team collaboration, allowing developers, project managers, and other stakeholders to work together seamlessly.

Comprehensive Security and Privacy

We understand that privacy and data security are critical concerns for enterprises, especially when dealing with proprietary source code and sensitive information. With advanced encryption, multifactor authentication, and robust access controls, Assembla’s Perforce hosting protects sensitive source code and intellectual property from unauthorized access or data breaches. Regular security audits and monitoring further enhance the safety of critical assets, giving enterprises the confidence to innovate without compromising their valuable information.

Our security measures comply with industry standards and best practices, ensuring that your source code and development processes adhere to strict security standards. With continuous monitoring and proactive threat detection, we ensure that your data remains safe and protected at all times, allowing your team to focus on innovation and development with peace of mind.

Additionally, our Perforce Cloud Enterprise offering prioritizes privacy with dedicated, isolated instances for each enterprise client. This ensures that data remains strictly confidential, with no risk of data mingling or unauthorized access between different organizations using the platform. By providing dedicated instances, Perforce Cloud Enterprise maintains a strong separation of data and user access, giving enterprises complete control over their repositories and ensuring the highest level of data privacy. 

Moving to a Perforce Cloud Enterprise Server

Migrating to Perforce Cloud Enterprise with Assembla is a seamless and hassle-free process. Our team of experts is well-versed in handling migrations from various version control systems and on-premise solutions to Perforce Cloud Enterprise. Whether you are coming from Perforce Helix Core or another version control system, we ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your development workflow.

Our migration specialists work closely with your team to understand your unique requirements and tailor the migration process accordingly. They handle the complexities of data migration, repository transfers, and user onboarding, ensuring that your projects and codebases are securely and accurately moved to Perforce Cloud Enterprise.

By choosing Assembla for your migration, you can rest assured that your data integrity will be preserved, and your teams can quickly resume their development activities on the cloud platform, taking advantage of the enhanced performance, scalability, and security that Perforce Cloud Enterprise offers.

Perforce Cloud Enterprise Pricing

Assembla offers flexible and competitive pricing options for Perforce Cloud Enterprise to suit the needs of different enterprises. The pricing is designed to align with your team’s size and requirements, allowing you to choose the right plan that fits your development scale and budget.

For detailed information on Perforce Cloud Enterprise pricing, including features, plans, and subscription options, you can visit our pricing page on our website. Our pricing page provides a transparent breakdown of the different plans available, making it easy for you to select the one that best meets your organization’s needs.

Assembla’s Perforce Cloud Enterprise vs Perforce Cloud

If your organization requires more than 50 Helix Core users, unlimited depot storage, custom architectures or a dedicated cloud instance, then Perforce Cloud Enterprise is the perfect solution for you. However, if your company doesn’t have those requirements, we have designed Assembla Perforce Cloud, a SaaS offering that can accommodate up to 50 Helix Core users and 500GB of storage.

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Matt Dennis
Matt Dennis
Matt Dennis is the Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Assembla.

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