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Using a cloud-based source code management platform, your team can revise, merge, and approve file edits with seamless efficiency. Deploy your games built on Perforce, Subversion, or Git faster with cloud-based solutions for the game development industry.
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DevOps for Game Developers

Assembla offers game developers fast commit performance

Fast Commit Performance

On our shared and private cloud hosting solutions, developers can make faster revisions, test code and handle large binary files with ease — all on our globally distributed network of cloud servers with a 99.99% average availability.
Assembla offers backup of every commit for game developers

Backup of Every Commit

Our hosting platform ensures that every code commit is securely stored in the cloud so that developers can easily restore previous working versions. Plus, referencing code segments from earlier versions and merging code segments into new project versions is a straightforward process with source control for game development teams.
Assembla offers expansie storage for game developers

Expansive Storage

Our solutions offer a game-changing approach by providing virtually unlimited repository storage in the cloud, coupled with flexibility. Easily scale storage up or down to adapt to your company's dynamic infrastructure needs.
Assembla offers game developers secure collaboration

Secure Collaboration

With our platform, you gain complete control over user access and you can track and trace any code changes to identify security threats. We further enhance security with features like activity logs, backup audit reports, SSL encryption, AlphaScan, Google OAuth, IP restrictions, SAML 2.0, and SSO.
Native game engine integrations with Assembla

Native Game Engine Integrations

Assembla seamlessly integrates popular game engines such as UE4, Lumberyard, and Unity3D. By using our cloud-based game development solutions, game studios can easily integrate these programs into version control and empower developers to focus on their creative process.
Project management enchancements with Assembla

Project Management Enhancements

Users can submit merge requests, which the PM can either approve for inclusion in the larger project or reject for further edits. Unlike standard hosting solutions for Subversion and Perforce projects, Assembla gives project managers unparalleled control and visibility.
Assembla game developers secure source code

Protect your Projects

Game studios must keep their source code and game-related information secure and inaccessible to competitors. Assembla's Enterprise solutions address this requirement by providing the game development industry with the option to host on private servers, ensuring maximum security for their assets.
Assembla offers game developers alpha scan

Scan for Vulnerabilities

Game developers can use AlphaScan™, our source code scanning tool, to find potential weaknesses before deployment, preventing breaches in security. Our Static Code Analysis feature finds and flags issues in your source code that could potentially be accessed by a third party.

Get Started with our Cloud-Based Game Development Tools

Enhance your game development DevOps with a free trial of our tools and cloud hosting solutions. Choose between Perforce and Subversion options and explore the full potential of Assembla for your business. Experience secure source code management through our reliable hosting, create exceptional game builds in record time and accelerate the deployment process.
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