Boost Your Computing Power with the Travis CI New GPU Support

This is a guest post by our friends at Travis CI.

Travis CI is excited to announce that they’ve added GPU support for Linux based builds. As a result, they can now provide you with even more computing power to tackle your most demanding needs.

What is GPU Support?

GPU support is the ability to use Graphics Processing Units for high-performance computing tasks. GPUs are designed to perform parallel processing tasks efficiently, which make them ideal for applications that require massive amounts of data processing, such as gaming, machine learning, video editing, 3D modeling and animations, cryptocurrency mining, data analytics, and scientific simulations. Anyone who wants to speed up their builds, can now use the GPU functionality.

What Does This Mean for You?

By incorporating GPU support into Travis CI, Travis enables you to use this technology to increase the speed and efficiency of your building tasks. Whether you are a gamer, a scientist, a data analyst, or a machine learning expert, our GPU support can help you speed up your computations, improve accuracy, and enhance productivity. From now on, all Travis CI users can take advantage of the speed that GPU offers.

What Does the Travis CI GPU Offer Include?

For now, Travis CI offers access to two machines:

  • n1-standard-8 + NVIDIA T4, 1GPU, 16GB GDDR6, 8 vCPUs, RAM 30 GB
  • n1-standard-8 + NVIDIA V100, 1GPU, 16GB HBM2, 8 vCPUs, RAM 30GB

Please read the documentation for details about use and cost.

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