What is the Best SVN Hosting Solution for Your Team?

Claudia Fernandes
Claudia Fernandes
Last updated on March 14, 2024

While alternative version control systems, such as Perforce Helix Core, have put up strong competition, SVN is still popular with many developers. It is used in game development, financial services, semiconductor manufacturing, and other industries because of its low cost, open-source design, and centralized repositories.

There are several options for SVN hosting available, but which one is the best for your business?

On-Prem SVN Hosting

An on-prem setup is a popular choice for Apache Subversion users due to the level of security and control it gives its developers. However, it can also sap away valuable time and energy from developers who need to manage the local infrastructure. An on-prem setup can also be slower and less responsive for remote team members than a cloud SVN setup.

SVN Cloud Hosting

Choosing a cloud-based SVN hosting solution will open up new benefits that can increase efficiency, productivity, and savings for your team. Depending on the Subversion hosting platform and package you choose, the migration and setup may be taken care of for free.


If you do the research and choose an experienced SVN hosting platform with a comprehensive security solution, you can be confident that your code will be safe. There are options available for private servers with AES-256-bit encryption. A good SVN hosting solution will also perform regular security testing and provide methods for clients to conduct their own audits and reports for security and compliance purposes.


Adding additional storage capacity to an on-prem server can be a hassle, but with an SVN hosting service, it can be as easy as sending an email.

Many platforms will offer unlimited repositories for an unlimited number of users. But enterprise solutions can also have virtually unlimited storage capacity that is custom-fitted to each client’s specific needs.


If your local infrastructure is becoming bogged down by large file sizes and heavy storage needs, then it may be time to upgrade to a cloud-based SVN solution. You can save your developers frustration and lost time by moving to the cloud, and some enterprise options can give you even faster speeds.

Global Deployment

Remote and global team members can be better integrated into your team with access to your code through SVN cloud hosting. Geographically distributed servers can ensure that connections are high-speed, even on different continents. 

What Is the Best Subversion Hosting Solution?


Assembla is the world’s leading SVN hosting solution. We have more SVN repositories and on-staff expertise than any other platform. Assembla also provides a robust suite of tools and features to make developers’ jobs easier. They include static analysis tools to ensure that your code isn’t released with confidential information left inside of it, project management tools to help improve workflow and collaboration, and integrations with dozens of popular software tools.

Assembla is scalable and provides solutions for businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises. Our entry-level packages provide affordable solutions with unlimited repositories, and our enterprise service is custom designed to match our clients’ needs.

SVN Hosting on Assembla
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Perforce Helix TeamHub

While Perforce has its own version control system, they also offer a free solution for hosting SVN. Perforce Helix TeamHub can support an unlimited number of repositories and thousands of users. It also enables users to collaborate on code reviews, build wikis, and create improved workflows.


SVN cloud hosting is available in the Google Cloud Platform and on Amazon Web Services through software such as Bitnami. While this solution is free, it does not come with the security protocols, customization options, or project management tools offered by other platforms.

A2 Hosting

A cheaper option for SVN hosting, A2 prioritizes speed and performance, though it will be on shared servers. A2 Hosting does come with some basic developer features as well.


A SVN hosting option based in Europe, SlikSVN offers dedicated servers and a control panel to manage repositories. They also have a dedicated support team and options for enterprise clients.


MochaHost is a budget SVN hosting option that offers some tools for developers.

Assembla’s SVN Cloud Server Options

Assembla Cloud

A great option for teams of up to 100 SVN users, Assembla Cloud offers 500GB of storage, ticketing, project management, dozens of integrations, support services, and more.

Assembla Cloud Enterprise

This package offers a wide range of features for our clients, including scalable storage, custom global deployment, automated backups, and private servers. Assembla Enterprise clients often see an even greater boost to their speed and performance.

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Claudia Fernandes
Claudia Fernandes
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