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Allison Bokone
Allison Bokone
Last updated on February 19, 2024

Perforce is the industry standard version control system for use with real-time game engines and can be a game-changer for virtual production studios because of its ability to handle real-time changes and large file-size assets at lightning-fast speeds. Whether you’re an artist, producer, or filmmaker, Perforce can help your team store and track your assets so they are easy to find and reuse.

Perforce Virtual Production Solutions

Perforce offers a variety of tools in addition to version control to help you manage and track your assets and workflows, and they have brought them together in a solution tailored to the needs of virtual production studios. You can unite distributed teams, save time on set, and keep your virtual productions on track and on budget with the Perforce Digital Creation and Collaboration Suite.

The Perforce Digital Creation and Collaboration Suite leverages Helix Core, Helix DAM, and Hansoft to provide scalable and efficient version control, digital asset management, and project management – and it works with industry standard tools your team already uses.

Perforce Hosting on Assembla

Deploy Helix Core in the cloud in less than 1 minute.

Perforce Helix Core

Helix Core is the version control software at the center of Perforce solutions. With Helix Core you can create a single source of truth for your most complex projects. You can use it to store and track digital assets, including videos, large binary files, and IPs.

Virtual Art Departments (VADs) using Helix Core with a game engine can iterate more, faster. Designed to support large and growing teams, it can handle 10,000+ concurrent commits without slowing down. With its distributed architecture your team can access files instantly, from anywhere around the world.

This can come in handy when production changes are needed quickly. When teams are on set working with LED walls they will often need changes made to the digital environment. With Helix Core, instead of requiring an artist on set, you can get real-time updates from remote artists, along with a full history of what was changed, when, and by whom.

As you enter post-production you can give your VFX teams that detailed history and grant external vendors the exact level of access they need to complete their tasks efficiently.

Helix DAM

Helix DAM is a digital asset management software built on Helix Core that enables more efficient collaboration on digital assets. Helix DAM features include a visual library of art assets, tagging and smart search, and in-context feedback for reviews – all designed to make finding, reviewing, and re-using assets faster.

Helix DAM also features a robust API and the Helix Core Plugin for Graphical Tools (P4GT) that allow VADs to work in their current environments. With these integrations, artists and designers can leverage the version control of Helix Core from popular artist and designer tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk, 3ds Max, and Maya.


Hansoft is an enterprise project management solution that can help you plan and track your project from start to finish. Use Hansoft in pre-production to track storyboarding, previs and techvis, asset creation, and your VAD (virtual art department). Use it during production to coordinate shooting, in-camera VFX, performance capture, and use of the LED wall. Then ensure nothing is missed during post-production by using it to keep track of additional rendering and animation.

How Assembla Works with Perforce

Get the best performance from the Perforce Digital Creation and Collaboration Suite by using cloud hosted Perforce from Assembla. Assembla has been hosting Perforce in the cloud longer than any other company and can take the technical overhead off your plate so you can focus on the creative side of virtual production.

With Assembla, in addition to the benefits of Perforce and its virtual production integrations, you get scalable storage for your Helix Core repositories, infrastructure and support, and redundancy tools. We provide flexible storage solutions, including up to 100 TB of storage for enterprises, so that you don’t have to worry about running out of space to store your ultra-high-definition assets.

Our dedicated DevOps teams are industry experts in cloud-based Helix Core and we offer 24×5 and 24×7 support plans. Our servers are geographically dispersed and backed up to AWS, giving you peace of mind that should something go wrong we can help you recover quickly.

Start a Free Trial of Assembla

If you’re ready to try cloud-based virtual production with Perforce, start a free 14 day trial of Assembla. Our team would love to talk with you about how a cloud solution can meet your virtual production needs.

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Allison Bokone
Allison Bokone
Allison Bokone is an instructor at Miami University in Ohio for the Computer and Information Technology department, specializing in process and DevOps. Prior to teaching, Allison worked at Microsoft for 18 years, first as a Technical Writer, then as a Program Manager and Director at Xbox. In her last role she was a regular contributor to
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