The Advantages of Using Cloud Version Control Systems

Claudia Fernandes
Claudia Fernandes
Last updated on September 19, 2023

A good version control system can help your developers better manage their code and collaborate as a team. But you’ll see even more improvements to your workflows when you move to a cloud-based version control system. 

On-Prem vs. Cloud Version Control Systems

An on-prem SVN or Perforce server is a solid choice for companies that are looking to have a high level of control and security in their setup, but it has its drawbacks.

A local server can become a significant drain on the time and resources of your team to manage their infrastructure. Local servers can also become bogged down quickly by large assets, and remote employees may need to jump through extra hoops while collaborating on a project.

Who Can Benefit from a Cloud-Based Version Control System?

Companies that see the biggest benefits from moving to a cloud-based SVN or Perforce setup include semiconductor manufacturers, video game developers, and entertainment companies.

Organizations that have remote team members or heavy storage needs can benefit significantly from a cloud solution. Developers who work with large files, including 4K or 3D assets, often find a cloud version control system is a better fit for their needs.

The Advantages of Cloud Version Control

Better Security Measures

One of the biggest reasons why developers are reluctant to move to an SVN or Perforce Cloud setup is concern over security. Many companies don’t like the idea of placing their confidential and proprietary information on a server that might be shared with a competitor. But that doesn’t need to be the case. Enterprise cloud solutions can provide dedicated servers that will only be accessed by developers whitelisted by your administrators.

Increased Storage Capacity

As product designs and entertainment products grow increasingly complex, developers need more storage capacity to handle their files. Adding new storage to an on-prem server and maintaining the surrounding infrastructure can be a hassle. Fortunately, cloud storage with version control can help. Developers simply need to contact their cloud provider and ask them to increase their storage capacity. Some enterprise services offer virtually unlimited storage options to their clients.

Faster Performance

There are few things more frustrating than working with lagging software. An on-prem setup can start to slow down when it becomes overstuffed and has to process too much data. A cloud version control system will scale with the data and offer fast performance that won’t slow down your team.

Global Deployment

Remote work is here to stay for many developers, and a cloud-based version control system can help teams work together effectively. Depending on the cloud service provider, there may be servers in geographically diverse locations to ensure excellent speed on different continents. Many platforms also offer project management tools and integrations to help remote teams communicate and collaborate. 

Cloud Version Control Through Assembla

Every team is different, which is why Assembla has created a range of flexible services to meet their needs and budgets. We work with small businesses and startups, as well as enterprise companies.

Assembla provides regular backups of your code and performs recurring scans with our static analysis tools to check for potential security issues. Our code tracking tools make it easy to find and trace changes in the code, including where those security concerns arose.

Our cloud version control platform also makes compliance much easier by providing comprehensive security protocols and easy reporting.

Perforce Cloud Options

Perforce Cloud

An ideal choice for smaller teams that are looking to upgrade their Perforce setup, Perforce Cloud provides high-quality performance, security, and deployment with comprehensive support. Developers can also access Assembla’s expansive suite of project management tools that are built for teams using DevOps and Agile development methods.

This package includes one terabyte of storage with free egress, access to US or EU data centers, code review through Assembla Merge Requests, and more.

Perforce Enterprise

Larger teams can have even faster speeds and a higher level of customization and security with Perforce Enterprise. Our clients receive private servers with virtually unlimited storage and custom triggers, configurations, and scripts. You can also choose from three different levels of support.

SVN Cloud Options

Subversion Cloud

The Subversion Cloud package, which also includes Git, offers unlimited repositories with over 500 GB of storage on a shared server. Subversion Cloud includes our ticketing and project management tools and integrates with a wide range of other software services, including JIRA, Trello, GitHub, and Slack. 

Subversion Enterprise

For increased privacy, speed, and customization, we offer an enterprise option for our SVN clients. Subversion Enterprise includes a dedicated server, custom deployment, automated backups, an S3 bucket, and the option to upgrade to premium support. 

Start a Free Trial Today

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Claudia Fernandes
Claudia Fernandes
Claudia, Assembla's Content Marketing Manager, brings over 7 years of experience in crafting content for global SaaS companies. She is enthusiastic about DevOps, cloud computing and the intricacies of the software delivery pipelines. She loves to learn from the experts at Assembla and guide readers through the ever-evolving SDLC landscape.

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