Assembla & Travis CI
CI/CD Integration

Sign into Travis CI with your Assembla Account and easily sync your repositories with Travis CI to build, test, and deploy. All seamlessly in the cloud.
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Existing Assembla customers qualify for a 10% discount when they sign up for Travis CI.

New Features

Sync Assembla Repos with Travis CI
Synchronize Assembla Spaces — including your P4, Git and SVN repositories — with Travis CI Organizations.
How to Sync Assembla + Travis CI
Commit in Assembla to Trigger Builds in Travis CI
Commit your changes in Assembla repositories to automatically trigger your builds in Travis CI. Then, monitor your build status in Assembla.
How to Place Build Instructions in Travis CI
Accelerate Builds with GPU Support
Take advantage of Travis CI's GPU support to accelerate your compute-heavy Perforce and Subversion builds.
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Why Travis CI for CI/CD?

With Travis CI, you never have to choose between speed, quality or cost.

Managed CI/CD

Trust the Travis CI team to take care of your CI/CD infrastructure.

Automated Builds

Keep build definitions as a code with your repositories.

5 Min Builds

Or Less. Choose between different CPU and RAM sizes for specific builds.
"Incredibly fast - jobs are started nearly instantly. Very IT savvy and customer-centric support team."

Assembla + Travis CI to Streamline and Automate Your Pipeline

One set of credentials for version control, builds, tests and auto-deployment on passing builds.

Select AWS Region

Pick the region closest to your team for faster performance.

Select AWS Region

Pick the region closest to your team for faster performance.