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Unity Case Study


Unity by the Numbers:
800 Engineers
3 Billion Devices Reached
24 Billion Installations

Unity is the creator of the world’s most widely-used real-time 3D development platform, giving developers around the world the tools to create rich, interactive 2D, 3D, VR and AR experiences.

The company’s 800 person engineering team keeps Unity at the bleeding-edge of technology by working alongside partners such as Google, Facebook, Oculus and Microsoft to ensure optimized support for the latest releases and platforms. Games and experiences made with Unity have reached ~3 billion devices worldwide and were installed more than 24 billion times in the last 12 months.

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The Challenge
Before Assembla, Made with
Unity was a “DIY file transfer nightmare”
With customers at the core of Unity’s work, showing all the exciting projects the gaming engine enables is crucial to telling their story. That’s where “Made With Unity” comes in; their team’s sole focus is to showcase Unity’s community and projects. The team sources different projects to showcase and rotates them on Unity’s website. Additionally, Made with Unity has a large presence at Unite, the annual Unity user conference, where projects receive awards based on community voting.

The Made with Unity team runs independently of the rest of the organization and, thus, moves quickly and needs partners who accommodate their fast internal timelines. A large part of their work and success relies on the ability to transfer large files rapidly.

This challenge is compounded by the distributed nature of their team. There is no time for latency, and before Assembla, Made with Unity was facing “a DIY file transfer nightmare.” Managing repos internally was creating a lag in their ability to execute and they came to Assembla looking for a fully managed solution that needed to be implemented quickly.

Additionally, the “Made with Unity” team uses multiple repository types, Git and Perforce, for their projects. With their previous solution, the team had to manage multiple providers in order to use both of their preferred repository types.

Why Assembla
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On the “Made with Unity” team, speed is the name of the game. Fast file transfers coupled with tools that help the team become more efficient are the main reasons “Made with Unity” chose and found success with Assembla. With Unity’s multi-zone set up, the team is able to scale faster and ensure speed.

In addition, Assembla’s use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a preferred partner, laid solid infrastructure to ensure the speed the Unity team needed. Assembla’s ability to deploy this team’s solution quickly was a huge driver for the team’s choice.

“Made with Unity” relies heavily on Perforce, however, managing this in-house was becoming a burden. In 2016, Assembla was selected as a strategic cloud provider of Perforce’s Helix Core solution.

Assembla is the only provider on the market trusted by Perforce to deliver seamless, on-demand Helix Core to customers. This partnership, in addition to Assembla’s ability to manage multiple repository types, is why and how “Made with Unity” found success.

Why AWS?

AWS has the broadest and deepest portfolio of services that allows Assembla to stay focused on driving innovation in products rather than the basic infrastructure needed to get or keep a service running. AWS’ unmatched scalability has been instrumental in keeping pace with customer demand.

The Benefits
“We see Assembla as a trusted partner and an extension of the team”

“Made with Unity” founder
Made with Unity works with large, binary files. By working with Assembla, their team increases file transfer up to 3 X as compared to an on-premise solution. Perforce Helix Core is a best in class tool used globally that accelerates development.

In their words, “[Perforce] scales for large teams, handles 1000s of daily transactions, and delivers files quickly to remote users.” According to Mike Wuetherick, a Producer for Unity and founder of the Made with Unity team, “Being able to get a global Perforce solution on-demand and fully managed with Assembla helped the Unity team do more and go faster by freeing up internal resources. Made with Unity’s previous solution was wasting time and money for the business. We see Assembla as a trusted partner and an extension of the team.”

In addition to Perforce, Made with Unity has Git projects spread across multiple cloud providers. There are no other cloud solutions on the market that allow teams to house Git and Perforce solutions together, in the cloud, in a fully managed way. Assembla’s ability to provide a central location to house Unity’s different client projects streamlines internal business operations.

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