Software releases don’t always make you wanna play air guitar solos. But our product updates this quarter will definitely help your team jam better together!

(Dad jokes aside, our team is excited to share new features and updates we added to Assembla last quarter 🙌)

1. Updated Zapier Integration: Perforce Commit Triggers

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Our Zapier integration now includes support for Perforce Commit triggers! You can use Zapier to automatically trigger actions in 1,000+ other apps like Slack, Gmail, and Jira any time a teammate pushes a new commit to your Assembla Perforce depot. For teams that use Assembla Perforce Cloud, this will help automate workflows and keep your team—and entire toolchain—in the loop. Check out the help article to learn more.

2. Attach GitHub Issues to Assembla Tickets

We built our GitHub-Assembla integration to make it easier for teams to use GitHub and Assembla side by side without having to constantly jump between platforms to check and update statuses.

NEW: Attach GitHub Issues to Assembla Tickets!

For teams that use GitHub Issues to track bugs, log feature requests, or manage dev team tasks, you can now link GitHub Issues with related tickets in Assembla. This makes it easier to keep engineers and project managers on the same page, see what bugs still need to be squashed, and more seamlessly integrate customer feedback into your sprint planning in Assembla.

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What can you do with Assembla’s GitHub integration?

Link GitHub Pull Requests. Attach a GitHub Pull Request to an Assembla ticket from Assembla or from GitHub. Shows a summary of the PR in Assembla, including information like title, status (open/closed), who opened it, associated branches involved in the merge, and labels.

See GitHub Commits Activity. Automatically push commit activity to Assembla by adding an Assembla ticket number in your GitHub commit message.

NEW! Attach GitHub Issues. Add a GitHub issue link to an Assembla ticket to see issue status (open/closed), issue number, title, date opened, repository, user that opened the issue, issue milestone, and labels.

Check out the help article to learn more.

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3. New Saved Filters List

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We’ve reorganized the Saved Filters menu in Assembla Tickets to help you more quickly see the tasks assigned to you, the status of a sprint and more. You can create your own Saved Filters based on any combination of ticket fields, statuses, other metadata, or use one of our out-of-the-box filters.

4.(Coming Soon) New Project Space Templates

Our new Space Templates will make it a breeze to set up new project spaces in Assembla!

What are the new templates?

  • Kanban board: Simplify your workflow by tracking task cards across a card wall.
  • Scrum: Plan sprints by moving stories from your backlog into milestones (sprints).
  • Bug-tracking: Tag, track, and prioritize issues and bug reports.
  • End-to-end Project Management: Visualize the progress of your project using a flexible ticket system with integrated wiki and time-tracking.

To create a new space, click on the green ‘+’ button in the upper-right corner of your screen, or navigate to the Spaces list in your Portfolio.

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No matter which template you start with, you can always change your default tools and ticket views later. You can also customize your Assembla workflow by:

  1. Customizing the statuses of your Assembla tickets,
  2. Adding custom ticket fields,
  3. Using ticket relationships (parent/child, related/duplicated, before/after) to give tasks more context.

Whatever your team’s particular style, we hope these updates will help keep your team rockin’ throughout your entire project 🎸

As always, if you have any ideas about improvements, new features, or anything else that would make Assembla work better for you, please let us know!