The latest update for Assembla introduces the completely new navigation and improved sprint planning, groups organization and querying functionality for the real-time tickets list. This release completes our recent updates to add new highly requested features while also improving the usability of the product.

Quick access to all your work with new Assembla navigation.
The overall navigation is the most requested and most reported UX improvement in all the usability areas. Today we’re happy to announce a new updated look for Assembla app, including a collapsible sidebar navigation and enhanced space & repository search, to help our customers get things done faster and more efficiently.

post 81921 quick access image 1
New navigation significantly simplifies all main use cases and users flows allowing teams to find and collaborate on their work faster and easier.

The most significant change is the new “Project Space” sidebar which collects all of the project space tools and pages in one easily accessible location. . The sidebar may be minimalized or “pinned” to become active on mouse hover. Everything you need is just one click away.

We’ve added the “Portfolio” level and all “personal” user pages to the top navigation.. Our customers will appreciate the new “Repositories” dropdown which allows access to any repo from any place in the application.

The Project Space and Repository menus are now fully searchable to allow users to quickly find access to what they are looking for.

New Top Bar Menu

post 81921 quick access image 2

Top navigation bar has been reworked and now includes all spaces and repositories lists and all the portfolio level pages together with user personal pages.

post 81921 quick access image 3 1

The new repository dropdown allows direct access to selected code repo without choosing a space first. All lists can be also easily filtered and any space or repository may be marked as “Favorite” which will pin this item on the top of the list. The same can be done for project spaces. This way you can keep your current work on the top in a simple and efficient way.

Organization (Portfolio) Switch
Switching between two different organizations is now possible from any place thanks to the new “Portfolio” menu.

post 81921 quick access image 4

New “Space” Sidebar Menu
All space level tools are now collected inside the new side navigation bar and arranged into sections. Sidebar can be minimalized to the icon bar, as well as “pinned” to become active on mouse hover.

post 81921 quick access image 5

Tickets tool pages have been moved one level higher and are now accessible in the space menu. This means that all sub pages of the tickets tool ( Cardwall, List, Milestones, … ) are now available from any place in the space.

post 81921 quick access image 6

Repositories section is now searchable so even in the project with a huge amount of code repos you will have no problem finding what you need.

post 81921 quick access image 7

Space Repository Menu
The repositories tools now have an additional menu where you can select it’s subpage without a need to open the selected repository tool first. It will allow for example to jump straight from your tickets view to the selected repo merge requests page.

post 81921 quick access image 8

Keyboard navigation
You can navigate through all the options using your keyboard only, as the layout fully supports default “tab/shift+tab/enter” functionality, moreover all searchable fields may be selected by typing and using “up/down arrow” and “enter” keys.

Start using new navigation.
The new navigation is currently released under the “feature flag”, to start using it click the “Try New Side Navigation” link in your user options menu.

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You can find more information about this functionality in our Help Center Documentation.