We are happy to announce the newest update for our Perforce On-demand Cloud customers allowing you to connect to your Assembla P4 depot using the depot server address & login credentials only.

With this connection method, updating the “p4host” variable is not required anymore.

p4host New simplified Perforce depot connection. 2

Start using new connection flow.

Simply navigate to your Perforce depot instructions page and follow a few simple steps. The new functionality is available for all of your current and new Perforce repository depots and it is fully compatible with the old “p4host” flow. There is no need to make updates unless you want to.

If you are more comfortable using the old flow, that format is still available to you, using reference at the bottom of the instructions page:

p4host New simplified Perforce depot connection.

Configure your Helix P4V client.

With the updated connection flow, updating your Helix P4V client setting is as easy as:

  1. Copy & paste your depot Server address.
  2. Type your Assembla username in the User field and click the “OK” button.
  3. When prompted, authorize it with your Assembla password.

That’s it!

Use the new connection method for Perforce Plugins!

The new connection method is fully compatible with all of the version control plugins for your favorite 3D application or environment.

You can find more information about this feature in our Help Center Documentation.

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p4host New simplified Perforce depot connection. 1

See our Perforce help center for more details.

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