Introduction of the Builds tab within the Assembla Project Spaces Repository section will start the building of CI/CD functions and capabilities within the Assembla application. The Build tab aims to inform users of the current status of builds for the repository.

Builds will be initiated from the Travis_CI tools, but you can see the status on the builds tab within Assembla. In Assembla, under the project space, navigate to the repository, and upon clicking the Build tab, the user will see the current status. Anytime the build tab is clicked, it will call out an API to Travis_CI and retrieve the most up-to-date information regarding the build. In the case of any errors, an informative message alert will be displayed, letting the users know of the error and a hint to verify the setup in Travis_CI or to contact support.

For repositories that still need to be set up in Travis_CI, in this scenario, the tab will display an option to begin the setup process in Assembla. Previously, the users would have to navigate away from the area to access the integrations page and navigate back to the repository. Now we enable the users to begin the setup right from the tab providing the users with a better experience.