We are excited to announce a much-needed makeover to our Sprint Planning and Cardwall features, giving dev teams more efficiency than ever before. Lackluster communication can derail even the most talented teams, which is why we’ve poured resources into enhancing how project management works on our platform.

The new and improved Cardwall serves to organize your view of your team’s Assembla tickets for maximum team visibility. By allowing project managers to sort their tickets by Status, Assigned User, and Sprints, the updated Cardwall will keep teams on track and projects proceeding smoothly. These filters can be utilized simultaneously, giving product owners the power to intuitively manage their sprint from inception to completion. 

image 19

For those looking to manage their projects more granularly, the new nested ticket functionality will allow the creation of sub-tickets. Several levels of sub-tickets can be created to ensure an optimized workflow for each of your team’s sprints.

Screen Shot 2019 01 29 at 9.38.23 AM

It has always been our goal to provide our users with the top solution for whatever obstacles they face during their SDLC. Our dedication to this goal has resulted in our platform being the only provider to offer a complete suite of project and program management tools, seamlessly integrated with Git, SVN and Perforce projects, all in the cloud.

To learn more about Sprint Planning in Assembla and how you can use our updated Cardwall to make your project management more versatile, check out the quick help article.