The latest Assembla update brings one of the most requested “Tickets” tool features which is the ability to move (or copy) any amount of tickets from one project space to another. 

When teams or projects change, users can move tickets between Assembla spaces to keep the work organized and make sure everyone is on the top of their work.


This new functionality allows users to move or copy tickets together with all the content, fields, file attachments, even ticket tags, no matter how custom the setup of the project is.

Using the new ‘Move Tickets Wizard” you may select what values you wish to include from the original ticket, as well as move the ticket together with all related child tickets.

Move selected tickets to another space

With new functionality you can simply select any amount of tickets on the Tickets List and move it to another space by clicking the Move tickets option from the “Bulk Edit” menu. The tickets will  be moved together with all their content and attachment files.

pasted image 0 2

Use simple wizard to move your tickets

When moving tickets you will be presented with the new “Move (Copy) Tickets Wizard” allowing you to easily select all the options.

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Include custom fields or set values manually

You can include any of the ticket’s custom fields by matching with custom fields in target space. Or you can add the new custom fields to the designated target space. You may also manually edit values in the new tickets when you copy them over. 

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Keep child/parent ticket’s relation 

You can move your tickets together with all the children ones, keeping the child/parent relation in the target space. For example, story tickets will move  with all of its sub-tasks.

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Include all ticket “Tags”

You can include all the tags from moved tickets, this will match currently existing ones, and create new ones if necessary. 

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Start using Move (Copy) Tickets functionality 

This new feature is available for all your current and new spaces from the ticket details view or the ticket’s list bulk edit menu.

oneticket move 1

list select 1 1

You can find more information about this functionality in our Help Center Documentation.

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