We are happy to announce new functionality for the TestRail integration. Save your time by creating, managing & tracking your defects directly in Assembla tickets.

This update introduces complete tools to manage & track your defects as well as allowing to relate and synchronize any TestRail entity item with Assembla tickets.

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Relate any TestRail entity to any Assembla ticket.

Improved relation system now allows to relate any TestRail item to Assembla tickets. You can simply search for any of the TestRail items, filter and relate to the ticket with just one click.

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Or just paste a list of ID’s and submit it.

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Track the testing progress directly from the ticket

With real-time TestRail data in the tickets, you don’t need to jump between your defects management tool and the TestRail to track the progress of your testing process. Assembla integration allows you to simply review the status of running tests for any of the test runs.

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Search & filter your issues lists and boards by TestRail items!

No other tasks management application will allow you to filter your tasks lists and boards by TestRail entities. With Assembla you can set a filter on any of the items you want & mix it up to get any list or board view you need.

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TestRail integration announcement work 2

Synchronize assembla tickets with your TestRail runs & plans

Synchronize Plans & Run reference field with the correct tiket ID automatically, simply select ‘Synchronize with TestRail entities’ and the reference field in your runs & plans is going to be updated with ID’s of the related Assembla tickets.

TestRail integration announcement work

Start using TestRail Integration

To start using TestRail integration simply navigate to integration settings of your space or portfolio and authorize your account using the simple form, that’s it. You can connect as many accounts from different organizations as you like.

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Get Assembla with TestRail integration.

If you are looking for the defect management application try the 14 days free trial of Assembla Tasks Management here: /projects.

If you also want to host your GIT, Subversion or Perforce repositories try a full plan of our most secure software development platform in the world here /home.

If you are looking for the Comprehensive Test Case Management application, try our sister company TestRail.

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