We’re excited to announce that we now offer Single Sign-On (SSO) with TestRail as a feature for all our customers. You can now connect your TestRail account(s) and use it as authorization method for the Assembla web app.

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What is SSO

Single Sign-On is a service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials to access multiple applications. Assembla SSO offers Google, Slack, Github and now also TestRail services.

The benefits

Using SSO, users no longer have to set, remember and manage their usernames & passwords for Assembla. Instead they can easily login using the same username and password that is used for the TestRail account.

After enabling SSO and connecting the account, team members are authenticated and able to access Assembla web-app. In addition, SSO’s user authentication process helps with security risk, by providing control over who accesses your internal data.

TestRail SSO Blog Post Annoucment

How to set up a single sign-on (SSO)?

First make sure that the API is enabled for your TestRail installation. It can be enabled in the administration area in TestRail under Administration > Site Settings > API.

Now, simply navigate to your Account > Single Sign-On page and click “Connect account” next to TestRail service. You’ll be asked to provide your TestRail instance URL address, and after submitting, to confirm Assembla authorization.

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When completed you’ll be redirected back to Assembla and your SSO set up is completed. From now you’ll be able to login with the connected TestRail accounts.

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Start new trial & sign in using TestRail account

TestRail SSO also allows simplified sign in process. New customers may now use TestRail to create a new trial & organization (portfolio) in Assembla by simply clicking the “Sign up with TestRail” button.

You can find more information about this functionality in our Help Center Documentation.

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