Travis CI and Assembla, a match made in integration heaven❤️

Travis CI, runs your program’s tests every time you make a commit in your repo. And now, you can integrate your Assembla account with Travis.

Announcing our first integration with Travis-CI for Assembla Git!

The new integration provides you with the flexibility to run your Travis-CI builds on Assembla Git to achieve the best result in delivering code changes more frequently and reliably.


As this version is a beta release currently, only the US cluster are able to access it. It will allow you to:

  1. Trigger, restart, cancel and debug your builds
  2. React to events sent from Assembla
  3. Create build requests from the .travis.yml configuration file in your Assembla repositories
  4. Review job logs and configurations

For a full list of functionality and more information on this release, check out Travis CI’s use of Assembla API and Travis CI Tutorial

We’d love to hear back from you with any feedback, comments, or suggestions to make the Assembla feature even better! Start a conversation with us right here.