Compliant Version Control
in the Cloud

Secure, HITECH & HIPAA compliant healthcare apps are
built on Assembla.

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Security starts at source code — in the cloud

Your Healthcare applications need to be compliant and secure. That starts with your source code. Until
recently, enterprises have been forced to settle for distributed version control to get to the cloud,
sacrificing security and compliance. Assembla is ending the need for risky trade-offs with Enterprise Cloud
Version Control.

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Auditable subversion repositories

Assembla is the only provider of enterprise SVN in the Cloud. Centralized repo and user-level audit reports document every repo access and commit, giving total visibility into user activity. Folder-level permissions enable granular access control to your source code.

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Security & vulnerability detection

Securing source code is a crucial component missing from today’s Healthcare security stack. Endpoint security is not enough when it comes to protecting your entire SDLC. Assembla continues to mitigate security risks and constantly monitors infrastructure.

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Data redundancy

Assembla offers compliance-based disaster recovery solutions including automated onsite and offsite backups via AWS and Azure. Full success/failure audit reporting via email and WebApp give your security organization and auditors a complete historical view of data backup activities.

Move Healthcare Development to the Cloud

Assembla Enterprise Cloud Version Control & Managed Services.

“84% of Enterprise DevOps have adopted a Cloud development strategy”


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Financial pressures caused by the Affordable Care Act have accelerated the digitization of Healthcare and the transition to Cloud based software development. By leveraging the Cloud organizations realize operational scalability, cost savings and increased efficiency.

Healthcare organizations have lagged behind due to security concerns and regulatory challenges.

Assembla lets you move development to the cloud while maintaining your regulatory and security requirements.

Managed Private Cloud

Assembla offers multiple infrastructure design options including managed private cloud.
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Global deployment options with multi-node infrastructure in North America, EMEA and APAC.
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Can be customized to meet unique compliance security and SLA requirements.

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