Subversion (“SVN”) continues to be a leading Version Control System globally due to its file locking features, robust version history, native support for binary files, and dependable documentation. However, many development teams continue using SVN on-prem — what does your team stand to gain from moving to the cloud, we’re glad you asked!

For starters, being tied to local data access can pose a challenge while collaborating with a team or while one is simply away from their main device. Working in the cloud is the new golden standard for successful projects, and not just because COVID has led to a spike in remote work. Moving to the cloud keeps your data easily accessible, safe, reliable, and secure with integrated collaboration tools all in one place. In the cloud, instant access to code is always available worldwide with an internet connection. Working from the office to home, and anywhere in between, is flexible and effortless. Collaboration between teams instantly becomes exponentially easier, and your data is safely stored remotely in case of a disaster.

Although moving to the cloud has significant benefits we know that migrating online can be costly and challenging to do on your own. Hiring a dedicated devops team to build or maintain necessary applications and infrastructure is an unreasonable cost for small and large teams alike. Reliable hard drive systems can be an investment, especially when you consider backups in multiple locations. Corrupted data, outdated equipment and damaged or lost hard drives can be detrimental to your project, not to mention can open you up to security vulnerabilities. Optimizing backup schedules is complex and data transfer costs can be higher than anticipated. Any collaboration tools need to be easily understood at a glance with powerful search engines and organized document and task management. Administrative costs can quickly inflate when drawing from available resources in order to effectively maintain cloud infrastructure. Migrating to the cloud can be overwhelming when you put together all the moving pieces into a whole system.

Assembla has helped so many teams with these issues already and we can help you too. Assembla is the world’s leading provider of Subversion, and is an all-in-one provider of hosting in the cloud of software development and version control using Subversion. Subversion is a great tool to stay organized and keep track of iterations of code changes, file operations, directories, and active development of individual files. Assembla can host your SVN repos while taking it to the next level with one-click-access to centralized version control, source code management, and collaboration tools that enable simple and intuitive collaboration.

Assembla provides a tightly integrated experience that makes collaboration easier and faster. Teams can submit Merge/Pull requests and collaborate in the UI with up/down voting, commenting, and approvals. Easily and quickly compare code revisions side-by-side with our code comparison tool. Our powerful integrated search tool saves time to quickly and easily locate what you are looking for. Assembla enables a robust systematic workflow that is customized to individual teams, intuitively view any file on our webapp, save time by reviewing changes with team members right in the web, and collaborate on code changes with a worldwide team. From a management standpoint you will save time as well by not having to track down status reports from developers. In Assembla all these tools are right at your fingertips.

Feel the need for (connection) speed? Assembla has you covered! We provide the fastest Subversion experience on the market. With built-in secure SSH acceleration, Assembla’s cloud infrastructure dramatically speeds up committing and retrieving large files.

Our security features ensure you have full insight and control over who accesses and who is allowed to reach your data. Assembla offers scanning for secret key credentials and vulnerable component dependencies automatically. Compliance reporting requirements will be met with full user and repo level activity reports. Without storing all code information on easily compromised personal devices and with password only accessible content, your data will be safer.

Assembla offers world class support and our team is made up of Subversion experts. Get in touch to move your content to the cloud today! Contact us at to get started on importing your existing repo or starting a brand new project. We’re looking forward to meeting you.