The newest Assembla update introduces some P4Admin capabilities for your Perforce Cloud depot. Now you can set user groups, assign timeouts and set access privileges for any of the folders or files in your project using the new “P4Admin” page.

p4admin P4Admin capabilities within Assembla web app UI. 2

Create user groups and set logoff timeouts.

Using the new “P4Admin” tab in your Perforce depot view you can create & manage groups for all users with access to the perforce content, as well as set different logoff timeouts for any of these groups.

Simply navigate to the new “P4Admin” page within your depot view and create a new group, set the timeout and assign users. Created groups may be also used to set access permission for the depot.

p4admin P4Admin capabilities within Assembla web app UI.

Set access permissions for your depot files & folders

The second tab of the new “P4Admin” page allows you to set access privileges for any of the depot folders and files and assign them to a group or single users.

p4admin P4Admin capabilities within Assembla web app UI. 3

With this new functionality you are able to:

  • Add, Modify or Delete an Access Permission
  • Permission for your files and folders can be set to:
  • No access, Write, Read, No write, Only read, Only write, List, Open, Review access rules for any file or folder.
  • Use Folder & File path wildcards, for example: < * >, < … > , or , < %%1 – %%9 > .
  • Assign a rule to any group or single user.
  • Mix rules and set its order to create more advanced setups.

This allows you to have full control on the project security, where any user or group may access only places you want with the any access level you desire.

You can read more in our Perforce help documentation, or in the Perforce Manual: Admin Permissions

Start using Perforce Cloud groups & permissions.

All these new features are available for all Perforce Cloud customers, simply navigate to the new “P4Admin” page in your depot view.

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p4admin P4Admin capabilities within Assembla web app UI. 1

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