Consider the Cloud
Should you switch to hosting your Perforce repos in the cloud? We think you should consider it. Leave the annoyances of self-hosting to the experts and worry about the more important stuff, like developing outstanding code.

Studios and teams are struggling with the time and effort it takes to maintain on-prem Perforce server and storage infrastructure. Assembla makes it easy to switch to a Perforce solution in the cloud. Free yourself and your team from complex software and hardware management. Assembla provides access to secure data transfer over SSL and industry-leading availability delivering 99.99% AWS uptime and customizable configuration.

Consider no more frustration of coordinating between a lengthy list of responsibilities including software application installations, dedicated server space, OS systems, configurations and maintenance rituals. In the cloud assets are easily accessible worry-free by developers wherever they are working, whether it’s from home, in the office, or halfway across the globe.
We have scalable solutions for teams of any size from 10 GB to 100TB depending on your individual needs of your company.

One of our two products of Perforce solutions will cover the needs of any company. We have a web-app Solution for time saving and simplified hosting access as well as a Single Tenant Enterprise Solution for teams requiring more customization options.

Web App
Assembla’s on-demand solution is an all-inclusive application with access from any web browser that raises standards on efficient development processes. Benefit from intuitive procedures such as GIT-like merge requests, inline code comments and code review options. These processes help promote better team collaboration as well as find and solve potential bugs faster and more effectively. In addition, take advantage of incorporated hosting for any GIT and SVN repositories with similar code review tools.

Easily start a brand new project in our on demand solution in the cloud to save time on preliminary configuration, maintenance, and spinning up extra servers. Utilize a free trial to create a portfolio, Perforce project, and commit first lines of code all in just minutes. This solution provides immediate access to hosting and project management tools with straightforward pricing and convenient user management.

Assembla provides all the tools needed to launch straight into development with no startup inconveniences. Because this is a ready prepared solution, there are some limitations to discern. Hosted regions are limited to centralized EU or US regions with no options for replicas or inter-region solutions such as proxies. Upload speeds can be slower in comparison to our enterprise solution. There is no super admin level access and backup options are not customizable on our web-app. Luckily every limitation listed here can be solved with our Enterprise Single Tenant option.

Single Tenant Enterprise Solution
Our Enterprise Single Tenant Solution is a fully customizable solution for even the most complex team needs. This is a complete Perforce software setup on dedicated AWS servers. You can bring your existing Perforce licences with you or save time and consolidate vendors by purchasing Helix Core licenses directly from Assembla.

Any custom configuration is possible on your dedicated AWS servers. Customized setups, servers or multi-servers, region or multi-region selections, replicas and proxy servers, high availability server pairs, disk type, size, speed, and bandwidth. Assembla also configures any software needed including p4git or hansoft. Backups include hourly and weekly snapshots that come at no extra charge with an option of customizable backup options like geographically redundant backups or any change snapshots or clone.

Start with as much space as you need right now and scale up easily when the time comes. Our single-tenant option is fully customizable, with the additional option of integrated helix swarm project management hosting.

No limitations exist for our Single Tenant Enterprise Solution, Assembla is a team of trusted experts. In fact, Assembla is the #1 trusted provider of managed Perforce hosting in the cloud and, we have partnered with over 150+ studios who trust us with their most important assets and code. Migrate your existing code to the cloud or start a brand new Perforce repo today, contact us to get started.