Perforce vs Git: Comparing the Differences

Jonathan Lowe Global Account Executive at Assembla
Jonathan Lowe
Last updated on December 11, 2023

Among the most important decisions a software developer will make is the platform they use for version control management. Perforce and Git are popular tools for managing source code repositories, and each has its own benefits and shortcomings. However, the difference between Perforce vs Git is substantial once developers note the extensive capabilities of Perforce storage and management tools. 

Difference Between Git and Perforce Operations

Perforce and Git serve the same fundamental purpose but vary slightly in their features and operations. The difference between Perforce and Git may come down to individual preference, but Perforce offers many advantages that platforms like Git do not. 

Small and Large Companies

Small companies can benefit from Perforce and Git, but Perforce offers more flexibility in repository and code merging. Perforce’s ability to handle large files natively makes it a substantially better choice for large companies with complex software development projects. With the supplemental tools that hosting platforms like Assembla offer, managing large file repositories is easy. Users can search their repository files for code segments and use project management tools

Perforce Hosting and Source Code Control

Don’t slow down your development pipeline with the hassle of on-prem servers that can shut down and stall your progress. Assembla’s Perforce cloud hosting plans make the DevOps process run more smoothly and increase global accessibility. Assembla’s hosting options provide top-grade security for your Perforce builds, allowing your team to release finalized software products faster than ever before.

Perforce Hosting on Assembla

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Perforce vs Git Repositories

Perforce Helix Core has a centralized repository system, while Git is distributed. Git’s distributed system means devs download source code to their machines. This allows for speedy performance, but merging to the master branch is a challenge. Additionally, Git’s permissions are at the repository level, which can create security issues. Perforce’s native centralized repo system and granular permissions offer solutions to these problems.

Git vs Perforce Pricing

Perforce and Git both have free and paid membership options. Compared to Git, Perforce offers users more storage for less money. With Assembla’s Perforce pricing options, you can get all the benefits of Perforce combined with the speed and security of cloud hosting, all for an affordable price.

Perforce vs Git Speed

Perforce’s large capacity for storage enables companies to store sizable binary files. The system can handle these larger files without becoming overwhelmed and slowing down production. As a result, Perforce tools work much faster than Git tools.

Code Dependency

When considering Perforce vs Git, it’s important to consider how reliant on code your software development team is. Perforce is an efficient tool for building both code and non-code projects.

Who Can Benefit from Perforce and Git?

Game Development

The game development industry frequently works with large files that demand many GB of storage space. Perforce’s spacious repository capacity can accommodate the many files with textures, audio, animation graphics, and character designs that are necessary for developing video games and mobile games. When choosing a version management system, it’s important to think about how much space your team will need in a repository. 

However, Git can be very useful for smaller game studios that are working on games with lower graphical requirements. Often, smaller gaming studios will begin on Git and “graduate” to Perforce’s Helix Core offering as they grow bigger and begin creating games with higher graphical requirements. 

Film and Animation

Perforce makes it easy to work on film and animation projects as a team. Enjoy the convenience of a cloud-hosted Perforce plan to get the benefits of greater speed, security, and storage.

Financial and Government Organizations

For companies that deal with confidential information, source code security is non-negotiable. As the most secure software development platform available, Assembla helps software development companies manage their code with Perforce builds for maximum privacy. We have static code analysis that can spot vulnerabilities in your code before deployment, keeping your files protected against breaches in data. 


The healthcare industry needs reliable version management to build HIPAA-compliant projects. Perforce’s centralized version control is the superior choice for healthcare organizations that don’t want to sacrifice security and compliance. Assembla offers managed private cloud hosting options and reports of user activity, as well as folder-level user permissions. Git tools don’t provide the same level of extensive user audits.  

Perforce Hosting with Assembla

Assembla is the ideal option for cloud-based support for Perforce builds. Assembla’s cloud-based Perforce hosting maximizes the efficiency of Perforce version management tools. Sign up for a two-week free trial today to supplement your version management needs, and see the difference our software makes in the quality and security of your development projects.

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Jonathan Lowe Global Account Executive at Assembla
Jonathan Lowe
Jonathan is the Global Account Executive at Assembla.
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