Assembla Maintenance Update 24.05

António Pianca
Last updated on June 17, 2024

We are committed to accelerating the pace at which we address and resolve bugs reported by our customers. In May alone, we successfully resolved over a dozen UI, user management and functionality issues. All of them were customer-reported, and we plan to continue to prioritize your experience.

These are the major improvements in our latest Maintenance Update:

  • Improved email invitation flows: Group members who are invited to join a project or subproject via email can now accept the invitation without any issues.
  • Fixed pagination issues for Portfolio user groups: Thanks to improved pagination markers, portfolio admins using the new Assembla UI can now easily view and manage larger user bases.
  • Improved user management controls: Portfolio Admins can now manage users more effectively and without the risk of exceeding the number of contracted licenses.
  • Improved Perforce URL instructions: Assembla now consistently displays the server URL for newly created depots, simplifying the process of connecting your P4V client or plugins.
  • Simplified repo deletion process: Previously, under certain circumstances, a minor UI bug added one digit to the repo name. The repo deletion modal now displays the correct repo name, eliminating any potential confusion over which repo is being excluded.

Other notable updates:

  • The Export to Print functionality in the Ticket List is now working as expected.
  • Setting Default View to “Landing on Ticket List” is now effectively preserved.
  • Fixed the UI bug that hid the Tickets tool on a Subspace’s sidebar.
  • Fixed the login error that occurred after a customer changed the domain name.
  • Corrected Ticket title/description text indent.
  • Fixed “Ticket on the top” functionality that sent new tickets to the bottom of the column.
  • Improved collapsed side navigation UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the link sent in an email to join a space didn’t work.
  • Fixed a problem where too many users could be invited via email
  • Fixed problem with documentation website presenting as potential malware

If you’re dealing with any issue that is negatively impacting your experience of Assembla, please contact in-chat support. No issue is too small!

The Assembla Team

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António Pianca
Antonio Pianca is Assembla's Product Director with over two decades of experience in the technology industry and over 12 years of experience leading successful digital products. He likes to follow tech trends and digital business evolution.

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