The Benefits of AWS DevOps Outsourcing

Allison Bokone
Allison Bokone
Last updated on May 13, 2024

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a leading cloud service provider and a great choice for your Perforce or SVN (Subversion) deployment. Moving to the cloud has many benefits — such as faster access to data from any location and the ability to scale resources quickly — but it can also be challenging for a team to handle the day-to-day administration in a rapidly growing company.

What are the Benefits of AWS DevOps Outsourcing?

An alternative to administering your own AWS cloud instance is to outsource that work. Let’s take a look at why outsourcing AWS DevOps might be the right move for your company. For a deeper discussion about DevOps outsourcing in general, check out this blog post: Why DevOps Outsourcing May Be Right for Your Team.

AWS Cost

AWS has a transparent pricing model that often involves predictable costs, but there are certain areas where costs can unexpectedly add up. These include: 

  • Data transfer
  • Requests
  • Data lifecycle management

Data transfer costs can vary depending on the amount of data transferred out of AWS to the Internet. In particular, if cross-region replication is configured, data transfer costs between regions may apply. Frequent or complex requests made to AWS (GET, PUT, DELETE, etc.) may also result in higher charges. Finally, configuring lifecycle policies to transition or expire objects may have additional associated costs.

There are ways to self-manage AWS costs by using features such as cost allocation tags, billing alerts, and the AWS Billing and Cost Management dashboard. With close monitoring, you can optimize costs. 

Alternatively, you can leverage AWS outsourcing to manage your costs. Your outsourced AWS DevOps team should factor in areas with cost fluctuations while consolidating your billing into a predictable monthly cost.

Staffing Cost

Another cost that is sometimes overlooked is the budget required to keep IT specialists and DevOps engineers on staff at all times to manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and backup your AWS instance. Such a critical piece of software infrastructure must be kept online and up-to-date at all times, which can create a significant work burden for smaller teams. AWS DevOps outsourcing alleviates this burden and can often be a more affordable alternative to hiring senior DevOps engineers.

According to Steve Aldridge, Senior Customer Success Manager at Travis CI:

AWS-managed services monitor and manage customer’s instances. The alternative is customers hiring an IT Specialist to do that at a cost of $80K-$150K… Essentially, a managed AWS service removes the burdens of IT Maintenance and Management, which allows customers to do what they do best.

Time & Efficiency

AWS setup and migration is time-consuming, particularly if source code migration is involved. When combined with planning and additional steps of a Perforce or SVN setup, getting your company’s version control system fully up and running in the cloud can be a huge undertaking. Outsourcing AWS setup and migration to a team of expert DevOps engineers who specialize in setting up a version control system, Perforce or SVN, can get your team migrated to the cloud quickly with less risk.


If your team is unfamiliar with AWS and how to best set up and migrate Perforce and SVN to the cloud, you should also factor team learning into your plans. Because of the increased potential for mistakes, your team will need additional time for education and for risk mitigation. If your team lacks experience with AWS or cloud migrations, outsourcing to a team with expertise in AWS and version control systems can mitigate risks and ensure a smoother transition. 

Assembla’s AWS Outsourcing Services

We are one of the leading providers of AWS outsourcing for Perforce and SVN. We have been hosting Perforce on AWS longer than anyone else and host the highest number of SVN repositories globally. With Assembla, you get 365x24x7 monitoring from our team of dedicated DevOps engineers, who leverage AWS S3 features to deliver an average of 99.99% uptime on our version control hosting.

Managed Setup, Migration and Onboarding

We can take care of the setup, migration, and onboarding to bring your Perforce and SVN projects to the AWS cloud quickly and efficiently. Our DevOps and customer success teams are there every step of the way and have experience handling complex migrations. Outsourcing AWS DevOps deployment to our expert DevOps engineers will expedite the process and reduce risk.

For an overview of our sales process, see the blog post: Guide to Enterprise Source Code Migration with Assembla.

Management, Monitoring and Protection

Once you’re migrated to the cloud, our team of experts manages, monitors, and protects your most valuable asset – your data. We store data using AES 256-bit encryption and transfer it over SSL. In the event of a disaster, our teams are prepared. We run hourly backups for disaster recovery, set up continuous real-time replication to mirror changes instantaneously, and backup repository changes within 30 minutes to a failover server – all to ensure you can access and recover your data quickly without any data loss. In addition, our disaster recovery cluster is physically placed in a different data center.

Matt Dennis, Customer Success Manager at Assembla, shares:

From a support perspective, Assembla helps you throughout the process with backups, snapshots, etc. Additionally, egress is included in some Enterprise Plans so customers won’t have to worry about additional charges after setup.
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Allison Bokone
Allison Bokone
Allison Bokone is an instructor at Miami University in Ohio for the Computer and Information Technology department, specializing in process and DevOps. Prior to teaching, Allison worked at Microsoft for 18 years, first as a Technical Writer, then as a Program Manager and Director at Xbox. In her last role she was a regular contributor to

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