Many of you messaged us saying that while Assembla’s Perforce Cloud solution is perfect at managing your project’s version control, it would be helpful to have the ability to back up your Perforce depots.

We are happy to announce the newest Assembla update that brings you “Perforce Depot Backups” for all Assembla Cloud Perforce repository depots, regardless of project size.

backup perforce post image 1

Because of their size, Perforce depots cannot typically be downloaded via a web browser but must rely on S3 buckets and their ‘access’ and ‘secret’ keys.

If ready, navigate to the repository and select the “Backups” tab. Paste your keys, and hit the “Start Backup” button. That’s it! Your depot will be locked for a moment to make a clone copy of your instance. When finished, your depot will be unlocked and the backup process will begin with the selected S3 bucket.

Unlike default Perforce backups, with Assembla you can continue working with your depot even if the backup process has not finished yet! (Note: This functionality is not available for our Perforce Single Tenant solution.)