Assembla users with a subscription for TestRail can rejoice! We are excited to announce that our new TestRail integration is now generally available. This integration provides Assembla customers with a more comprehensive package for testing and securing their code quickly and efficiently.  

TestRail is an Idera, Inc. tool developed by Gurock that helps its users maintain a record of their software testing efforts. Its aim is to provide an easy way to track the status of individual tests, milestones and projects with various dashboards and activity reports. Users of TestRail get real-time insights into their testing progress and boost their productivity with personalized to-do lists, filters and email notifications, allowing for efficient test management.

The new year brings resolutions. For Assembla, it’s continuing to provide our customers with a secure, efficient place to build software, and a relentless desire to help our amazing customers succeed. Assembla’s integration with TestRail gives our customers more power than ever before, but this integration is only the beginning. There’s much more to come in 2019.

Don’t have a subscription for Assembla and/or TestRail? Now is your chance to test out how they work together by signing up for a free Assembla trial here, and a free TestRail trial here.

Need help integrating your Assembla and TestRail licenses? Check out our guide here, or reach out to our support team at