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Assembla is excited to announce our first CI/CD feature. Collaborating with Travis CI, Assembla’s Application now allows you to see Build Statuses directly from Travis CI. In the new “Build” tab, Assembla users stay in the loop on the Travis CI build status. No more going back and forth between Travis CI and Assembla!

Features in this release include:

  • Build status visibility
  • Enhanced message alerts
  • Efficient workflow setup

In order to use this feature, we’ve provided instructions in the section below. Also – if you do not use Travis CI and you’re interested in signing up for Travis CI, email to ask about our bundled discounts.

Let’s get started

Let’s first go to your repository section in Assembla:

image 1

In that repository in Assembla make sure you have your .travis.yml file in it. Here’s an example one I did:

image 2

Now you’re gonna want to look for the “Builds” tab in Assembla:

image 3

Once you click on the “Builds” tab, you should see something similar to this:

image 4

API Token Creation

Press enable, you’ll want to generate your API token through the CLI using the command travis token –-pro (make sure you have the Travis gem installed.):

image 5

Now you’ll want to sign into Travis by going to [], and clicking “Sign-in” then clicking “Assembla”:

image 8

Once you’re signed in via Assembla, you can now try starting your build! It should look like this when it’s starting in the Builds tab once your build has passed:

image 6

Say if you start another build in Travis, and want to see the verbosity of the outputs, etc, you can certainly do that by going back to the Travis CI GUI:

image 7


There you go, now you know how you can manage and access your Travis CI builds directly through Assembla using the CI/CD hooks with just simply using an API key.

As always if you have any questions, any questions at all, please email me at

Happy building and Assemblaing!