Hello to all users! We’ve established a series of 101 – of all things Assembla related for those who want to know what is that we do and how can make your life easier for you in basic terms.

For those of you who are in the industry and know what we offer, we appreciate the loyalty! If you are new to the industry and are not tech savvy, but want to know a little bit more about us, here’s our 5 W’s:

Who is Assembla? 

  • Assembla is an Idera INC software company.

What is Assembla?

  • Assembla is a multi-repository secure platform in the world. This means, we provide secure space for developers to build projects made up of code and store it on our platform called repositories – imagine a large warehouse that stores packages.
  • Assembla not only stores these “packages,” but also has a great project management (PM) tool for developers to use when building. If you ever heard of Trello.com or Basecamp.com, Assembla’s PM tool is pretty much like these sites, they help you manage your projects with anyone, anywhere in the world at any time!
  • Assembla offers 3 different types of repositories called Perforce, SecureGitTM, and NextGen SVN. Here’s the difference between all of these repositories:
    • Perforce is the industry standard secure configuration management (also known as SCM) of large files for game and VR developers. 
    • SecureGit is a powerful audit tool that scans your team’s code remotely!
    • NextGen SVN (Subversion) manages and tracks changes to codes and assets across build projects within a repository. (Don’t worry, if you’re feeling lost, we dive more in depth with each repositories in our upcoming blogs) 

When should you use Assembla?

  • If you’re a start-up company that has blossomed overnight, a freelancer with multiple clients, or a large corporation/industry who needs a better program for the job, that’s when Assembla should come into play. When using any of the repositories we offer, you or your team will see a difference instantaneously. Our systems automatically start working within minutes! 

Where does this work?

  • Assembla works purely in the cloud, but rest assured, your projects are secured at all times. Our operational playbook includes a bottom-up evaluation of the risks to security, risk mitigation techniques, and ongoing areas of investment to further reduce risks.

Why should you use Assembla? 

  • Assembla not only offers different repositories based on your needs, but it is also a versatile system that you should be taking advantage of! We test, store and manage your projects within the cloud, so if you feel bogged down and need a management tool, check out your options by visiting our main page! 

For more information on how to get started or need further help, we encourage you to use our resources, found within our navigation bar. We hope this blog has guided you to understand what it is we do. Be on the lookout for our upcoming 101’s!