Perforce raised their Helix Core License Price by 10% on January 1, 2023. As a Perforce Helix Core License Reseller, we must also raise our Assembla Perforce Cloud Licenses by 10% per our Partnership Agreement with Perforce.

Effective today, the Assembla Perforce Cloud Pro license price will increase by 10% to $52.25 per user, per month, for all new customers. However, if you are a current customer, your price increase will not take effect for 30 days. This means if you are on a monthly plan, the price will increase 30 days from today. If you are on an annual plan, your price will increase at your next renewal if your annual renewal date is not within the next 30 days.

Please note that if you are a Perforce Bring Your Own License (BYOL) customer, your Assembla price will not increase.

If you have questions, please contact the your Assembla Customer Success Team Rep