There is an ever-increasing pressure on software development teams to ship more product in less time. Setting up your team for success requires collaboration, constructive communication, and timely teamwork 🙌

  1. You wouldn’t write useful code without a clear explanation of the use cases, and feedback.
  2. You wouldn’t want to waste precious company time away from coding, writing detailed messages explaining what you’re doing.
  3. You also wouldn’t want to keep your team out of the loop on what you’re building and why.

Linking your commits to tickets is an awesome way to increase your team’s efficiency so you can ship that cool project faster.

Fun fact: Linking commits to tickets is one of Assembla’s oldest features!

  1. You can use commit messages to add comments to tickets or change their status.
  2. You can keep your teammates in the loop and include regular commit messages as well as references to a ticket number.

Want to give it a whirl?

The feature is active in all Assembla Workspaces and Portfolio plans so you’re good to go. 🚀

A few years back we wrote a post about the importance of linking commits to tickets. This year, we built an infographic to share those five reasons why linking commits to tickets will benefit your team!

5 Reasons to link commits to tickets 1

Organizations want to keep ahead of the competition and need to understand how to help development teams collaborate effectively. Help keep your team collaborating, communicating, and shipping great products 🙌

Already linking commits to tickets? We’d love to know how it’s helped your team, let us know in the comments below.